Current Issues in Business from a V4 Perspective

The main objective of the project is to develop and implement a new course under the International Visegrad Fund framework entitled “Current Issues in Business from a V4 Perspective”.

Its aim is to give undergraduate students who have already taken fundamental courses in management, economics and marketing a comprehensive insight into the business environment, embracing the macroeconomic and legal situation, consumer demand and marketing approaches, as well as trends in product and production innovation. Each of these aspects will be addressed in a pragmatic manner, focusing on current developments and their impacts on enterprise in a way that would be relevant for determining business strategy.

Taking the V4 perspective is an opportune and value-adding feature, because it provides the course and its students a relevant international dimension, while maintaining coherence due to the countries' geographical, historical and economic proximity.

Also, the students are led to use rigorous research and presentation standards, submiting essays suitable for submission in peer-reviewed Proceedings of an international conference, obtaining relevant feedback and an opportunity to publish their results.

Current Issues in Business from the V4 Perspective (2017-18)

For the first time, in Fall 2017, fifty undergraduate students attended the course taught by international lecturers and supported by the Visegrad project. They included full-time degree students at MIAS and other CTU Faculties, as well as exchange students from a number of countries, European as well as overseas. The students submitted research papers which received peer-review feedback, and the ones with outstanding assessments got the opportunity to present them at the Annual Albín Bráf Conference in June 2018.

Current Issues in Business from the V4 Perspective (2018-19)

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