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Studying at the MIAS School of Business makes you part of the Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU), the oldest technical university in Europe with a history of more than 300 years and an internationally-acknowledged high-quality provider of graduate and post-graduate degrees in over 400 programs at eight technical faculties and MIAS, as well as a leading research institution in disciplines ranging from propulsion design to artificial intelligence.

The MIAS School of Business degree programs offer a unique blend of robust business science education with industry insight and social competences, assuring a high demand by prospective employers and broad career perspectives for graduates. Given its moderate size and lean organization, it provides a trusting and supporting community for various dispositions, interests and talents.

It is located in a single building within the campus of the CTU in one of the most desirable districts of Prague, with excellent access to all campus amenities including dormitories, library, sports facilities, numerous restaurants in the surroundings, as well as to downtown Prague and the airport.

Each academic year is organized in two semesters with an extended summer break, which is utilized by most students to visit home, work or travel, as well as a year-end break. Classes in the Winter Term start in October, in the Summer Term in mid-February. All Degree Programs have one intake a year in September, other Programs may have different schedules.

Class schedules are often coupled together, providing sufficient leeway for efficient learning, project work, as well as pursuing personal interests. Seminars are taught in small groups, facilitating communication, motivation, feedback and full achievement of learning objectives.

CTU maintains high-quality international rankings and partners with over 500 foreign universities. All degree programs are accredited by the National Accreditation Bureau for Higher Education, using the internationally recognized European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), which facilitates the approbation of degrees, as well as individual course modules.

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Did you know?

The Czech Republic is a small, but diverse and dynamic country with just over 10 million inhabitants in the heart of Europe, featuring stability, security, infrastructure, natural settings, cultural heritage and a quality of living that have always made it attractive for business, as well as for tourists.

The location of the Czech capital city Prague, its outgoing and friendly atmosphere, as well as full membership of the country in the European Union since 2004, makes it ideal as a convenient hub for commerce, travel, networking and study opportunities in Europe.

Czech-born director Miloš Forman used Prague, where Mozart composed his Don Giovanni, as the settings for award-winning Amadeus. Albert Einstein taught physics in the city and the laws of genetics were discovered by Gregor Mendel, an Augustinian abbot in Brno. The origin of the word robot is Czech, as is the designation of pilsner beer after the city of Plzeň where it has been brewed for two centuries.

Czech is the language spoken in the Czech Republic, and also widely understood in neighbouring Slovakia. You do not need to know any Czech to study with us, and you will also find that most people understand English or want to practice it with you when you travel around the country. If you want to learn it anyway, you are welcome to enroll in our Czech for Foreigners classes.

Czechs love watching and practicing sports, including cycling, skiing, jogging, hiking and mountaineering, which accounts for the availability of numerous sports facilities and events, as well as contributing to the widely-known success stories of Czech competitors in disciplines ranging from tennis to ice hockey.

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