Current Issues in Business

This undergraduate course (U88E0808) is taught at the Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies from Fall 2017, and open for enrollment by students taking the undergraduate degree program Economics and Management in both Czech and English. It is also being offered to students in other accredited programs at the Faculties of the Czech Technical University in Prague, as well as to international exchange students taking classes at the CTU.

The course, organized in full-day lectures involving an international group of guest lecturers and supported by the Visegrad Fund, takes a multidisciplinary approach, introducing and developing particular advanced topics relevant for business. This will be addressed from a Central-European view-point, providing students with international as well as regional-specific insights.

The aim of the course is to give undergraduate students who have already taken fundamental training in management, economics and marketing a comprehensive insight into the business environment, embracing the macroeconomic and legal situation, consumer demand and marketing approaches, as well as trends in product and production innovation.

The lecture sessions taught on Saturdays are structured as follows:

The initial lecture provides motivation and organizational instruction, explaining the historical and current background of the Central-European economic and business environment, and introducing current issues faced by businesses in the region, involving a business practitioner.

The following lectures will each be held by a guest lecturer from one of the remaining V4 countries, focusing on the particular area of the lecturer’s expertise.

Students will complete the course by submitting a researched essay on one of the topics introduced in the course. These essays will be assessed in a review process jointly involving the guest lecturers in the course. Based on the assessments, outstanding essays will also be selected for publication in the peer-reviewed proceedings of the Albín Bráf Annual Conference organized in early Summer.

The course as well as the V4 Section of the Albín Bráf Conference have received funding by the International Visegrad Fund under Grant No. 21710503. Our project partners include the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, the Budapest Business School and the University of Economics in Bratislava.

Fall 2018 Schedule

Classes will take place on the following dates (all Saturdays):

October 27, 2018... Jan Vlachý (MIAS), Ciaran Kelly (Zepter)

November 10, 2018... Marta Materska-Samek (Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School, Lodz)

December 1, 2018... Nora Grisáková (University of Economics, Bratislava)

December 15, 2018... Magdolna Sass (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest)

All classes start at 9AM sharp and continue until ca 3PM with breaks as per lecturer's instructions. The initial class on October 27 will take place in Room 104 (MIAS building, basement), all following lectures in Room M105 (MIAS building, 1st floor).

The initial class will also include information on the final projects and tutoring (Mojmír Sabolovič, MIAS).

Course Tutor
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