Projects and Research

MIAS organizes events and participates in research projects involving faculty, students, as well as numerous international partners. Research interests at MIAS generally fall under four broad categories with the following representative topics:

Economic and Business Studies

  • Valuation and Value Drivers of Firms and Projects
  • Innovation Management and Assessment
  • Economic and Financial Modelling
  • Financial Literacy
  • Bankruptcy Prediction Models
  • Business Cycle Analysis
  • Real and Financial Markets
  • Labour Market Analysis


Public Administration and Regional Studies

  • Evolution of Complex Systems
  • Strategic Planing of Sustainable Cities and Regions
  • Smart Cities and Regions
  • City Competitiveness and Resilience
  • Social and Economic Aspects of Industry 4.0
  • Power in Decision-Making


Pedagogical, Psychological and Language Studies

  • European Profile of Secondary School Teachers
  • Didactic Function of Learning Components
  • Motivation and Attitudes Towards Technical Disciplines
  • Digital Technologies and Information Society
  • Intercultural Competences


History of Engineering, Industrial Heritage and Economic History

MIAS faculty have recently completed, currently participate in, or have applications pending for the following selected projects:

  • Value-Based Management of Technical Innovation
  • Study of the Providers of Selected Services of Information Society within Society 4.0
  • Estimation and Analysis of Structural Unemployment in the Euro Area
  • Interrelationship Problems of Exchange Rates and Macroeconomic Variables
  • Models of Social Housing, their Spatial and Technical Parameters
  • Modern and Effective Urban Planning: Density and Economy
  • Evaluation and Quality Management at CTU
  • Improving Intercultural Communicative Competence in Higher Education
  • Motivation of Adolescents towards the Study of Technical Disciplines as a Priority of Czech Education
  • Three-Sectors Competition in Pre-School Childcare
  • Establishment and Development of Airplanes Production in Czechoslovakia
  • The Development of New Technical Disciplines in Czechoslovakia Between the World Wars
  • Gasworks in Factories
  • The Art of Steam Navigation (1865-2015)
  • Teaching Techniques and their Impact on the Industrial Development of the Czech Lands in the 19th Century

Current Projects

Completed Projects


Prof. Vít Pošta PhD
Academic Director for Science and Research
Prof. Jan Vlachý PhD
Academic Director for International Cooperation

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