Talent Management

Course Objectives:

At the end of the course students will understand modern approaches and trends of Talent Management in current global business environment. The emphasis is on identification and attraction of the talents as well as further development of life-long careers and their retention in order to increase Talents contribution to the competitiveness of the companies.

Understanding the modern approaches and trends in Talent Management students will in parallel improve their skills in Recruiting Process and Employee / Employer Selection process as well as identification and presentation of their core personal competencies in order to succeed individually at the market and support their employability.


Venue: MIAS School of Business, Kolejní 2637/2a, 160 00 Praha 6, Czech Republic

Instructor: Miloš Krejčí

Prerequisites: Students are expected to prepare their own CV (Resume) and Motivation (cover) Letter before arrival, for in-class review and update during the course. Please bring your own laptop (tablet) to be able to edit text files.

Course exam: Individual preparation and presentation of own CV, and Motivation Letter and personal competencies; in class workshops participation; final test.



  • Talent Management, individual preferences analyses and business companies expectations
  • Talent and job performance
  • Core personal skills and competencies – identification, development and presentation
  • Self-presentation – individual student´s CV and the Letter of Interest
  • Identification and Attraction of talents, Hiring Internally, Hiring Externally – current options
  • The Recruitment Industry
  • Recruitment and selection processes – Candidates recruitment process knowledge
  • Candidates selection process skills
  • Selection interviews – candidates preparation, role-plays
  • Development of talents – feed-back session, career planning workshop
  • Retention of talents – responding to individual preferences
Miloš Krejčí MSc
Course Instructor
Tamara Tripská
Course Assistant

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