Long-Term Study Abroad

Every year, the Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies welcomes students from a number of European and overseas partner universities, which enables many of its own students to study abroad for one or two terms. Exchange programs are a great opportunity to experience studying in a different environment, get to know other cultures and become more international.

At CTU, the mobility application system is centralized, but Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies students (similarly to students from other CTU faculties) need to communicate with the MIAS International Office at various stages of the process, including, most notably, their individual study plan design and approval.

Students considering long-term study stays should do some advance planning with regard to their study plans and their integration into Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies curricula, including possible reschedulings. Exchange coordinators are ready to provide all the necessary advice and MIAS is generally very supportive of exchange initiatives, considering them an essential component of the education and personal development process.



Students who take part the Erasmus Program can study for a minimum of 3 months in another European country. Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies students may choose from a wide range of universities with partnership agreements arranged by CTU, as well as by MIAS itself. Popular destinations include Spain, Italy, Finland, Germany and Lithuania.

Students in the program do not pay extra tuition fees to the university that they visit. They may also apply for an Erasmus grant to help cover the additional expenses of living abroad. Students with disabilities can apply for an additional grant to cover the necessary costs.

Bilateral Agreements

CTU, as a highly regarded institution of higher education, has more than 150 bilateral agreements with foreign universities. This, combined with a number of agreements negotiated directly by the Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies, provides a wide range of opportunities to study overseas. Similarly to ERASMUS+, the terms include tuition vaiwer and possibilities to apply for study support.

Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies students, in particular, find studying overseas an attractive opportunity to gain additional experience and inspiration. Popular destinations include Korea, China, Australia, Taiwan, Thailand, Canada and Mexico.

Swiss Mobility Program

Switzerland has been suspended as a participant in the Erasmus+ program as of 2015. Therefore, Swiss students are not be able to apply for the program and European students cannot spend time at Swiss universities under the program.

Thereafter, the Swiss-European Mobility Program has been developed as a higher-education program supporting exchange of students and academic personnel based on bilateral agreements signed between partner universities.


Rede Magalhães is a European, Latin America and Caribbean universities' consortium created to promote and support post-graduate students exchange between these universities.

The SMILE-Student Mobility program in Latin America, Caribbean and Europe allow exchange students to be recognized as students of the host university.


The CREPUQ program (Conférence des Recteurs et des Principaux des Universités du Québec) was established to encourage student exchanges between universities in the French-speaking Canadian province of Quebec and over 500 partner institutions worldwide.

CTU students may apply to study at universities in the Quebec province without paying tuition fees. They may also be eligible for financial support.